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Welcome to Pearl of People with Down Syndrome Foundation(PPDSF)


Hindu and Ronaldo advocating about Down Syndrome at Global Publisher Radio Studios in October 2020'
Hindu and Ronaldo advocating about Down Syndrome at Global Publisher Radio Studios in October 2020'
We are dedicated to creating an environment that is good enough for the people with down syndrome to exploit their full potentials and become acceptable members of the community not through sympathy but the important role they play in the community.

In October 2020, the two young adult with Down Syndrome persons, Hindu and Ronaldo participated in advocating for Down Syndrome at Global Publisher Radio Studios.

The world is general enough to occupy all of us including the people with down syndrome and we believe that we are differently enables.




About Us


PEARL OF PEOPLE WITH DOWN SYNDROME FOUNDATION (PPDSF) was established on 24th February, 2017 as a Non-Governmental Organization with Reg No.00NGO/0009063.

(Prior to this time it existed from 2011 under the name Penny Aika Down Syndrome Foundation). PPDSF is a representative organization of Down Syndrome persons in Tanzania Mainland.

Vision & Mission


Vision Statement

We envision an inclusive society where people with Down Syndrome are treated in such a way that their basic human rights and needs are sustained to improve their livelihood.

Mission Statement

The organization is committed to enhance high quality social related services to people with Down syndrome though various coordinated approaches and engagement of different stakeholders. These include Government, Private sector, Civil society organizations and Development partners.

Our Objectives


To strongly advocate for enhanced early Down syndrome diagnosis in all Health issues country wide.


To sensitize on the prevalence of Down syndrome, protect social rights and promote access to social services to people with Down syndrome and their families.
Policy Development

To strongly advocate to policy development that addresses the needs of people with Down syndrome which includes education, health and social well-being.

To positively influence National policies and legislation for people with Down syndrome.

To promote communication and coordination among the activities of the said organization by sharing information, experience and challenges in order to arrive at a coordinated programme for the promotion of Down syndrome awareness.

To facilitate the establishment of recreational Centres and Respite Units for Down syndrome people and their families.
In Summary, we wish to be a VOICE for the three (3) thematic areas specific to Down Syndrome people;

  • Their Basic Human Rights. Right to live like other people as some are hidden or perhaps killed, especially in the villages.
  • Their rights as Women, Men, Youth and Children who are Down Syndrome.
  • Rights in access to Education, Vocational & Life-Skills, Health, Social Welfare and Economic Empowerment.