Welcome to Pearl of People with Down Syndrome Foundation(PPDSF)
We are a nongovernmental organisation based in Tanzania, East Africa, advocating and championing for the rights and inclusion for people with down syndrome.

What we do

We are a dedicated to ensure the people living with down syndrome in Tanzania and beyond get equal opportunity and right to education, employment and considered as important members of the community without discrimination in the society by addressing some of the key challenges that include;

Many people with Down Syndrome are frequently attacked by health problems such as heart problems, ...

Most people with Down Syndrome and their families are poverty stricken due to the fact they spend ...


Children with Down Syndrome do not have an equal access to education like other children. This is ...

To this day children and or people with Down syndrome are not well involved in many community ...

Our Objectives


To strongly advocate for enhanced early Down syndrome diagnosis in all Health issues country wide.


To sensitize on the prevalence of Down syndrome, protect social rights and promote access to social services to people with Down syndrome and their families.
Policy Development

To strongly advocate to policy development that addresses the needs of people with Down syndrome which includes education, health and social well-being.

To positively influence National policies and legislation for people with Down syndrome.

To promote communication and coordination among the activities of the said organization by sharing information, experience and challenges in order to arrive at a coordinated programme for the promotion of Down syndrome awareness.

To facilitate the establishment of recreational Centres and Respite Units for Down syndrome people and their families.