Agatha Peter, the creative Designer
Agatha Perter
They used to be considered a bad omen and unfit members of the community. In most families across the world, especially in Africa, people with down syndrome used to be hided away from people and could be locked in houses for the better part of the day.

This denied them the opportunity to socialize, get education, share their views and in the end, painted them lesser human being.

Our initiative to create awareness and give the people living with the down syndrome a platform to exploit their potential in community has given birth to a creative design, Agatha.

She is 9 and a third born in their family in Mwanza, North-West Tanzania. She is schooling at a private school in her local town and loves music and singing. Unfortunately, she has no speech and being no speech therapy services nearby, Agatha uses her creative drawing talent to communicate her potentials.

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