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Who we are

We are a non-governmental organisation working with various organisations, government institutions, ... Read more

Our History

The vision started in 2008, when the Founder’s daughter Penny finished Class Seven and she had ... Read more

Our Vision

We envision an inclusive society where people with Down Syndrome are treated in such a way that their basic human rights and needs are sustained to improve their livelihood.


Our Mission

The organization is committed to enhance high quality social related services to people with Down ... Read more

Our Objectives

  • To strongly advocate for enhanced early Down syndrome diagnosis in all Health issues countrywide.
  • To sensitize on the prevalence of Down syndrome, protect social rights and promote access to social services to people with Down syndrome and their families. Read more

Our Impact

We have established our presence and reached parents in most parts of Tanzanian Mainland and have ... Read more

Our Network

We work closely with both individuals and organisations throughout Tanzania to create a level ... Read more


We are proudly members of;
Tanzania Federation of Disabled People's Organization (SHIVYAWATA)
Tanzania Federation of Disabled People's Organization (SHIVYAWATA)
African Down Syndrome Network
Africa Down Syndrome Network (ADSN)
Down Syndrome International
Down Syndrome International (DSi)

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Advocating for Inclusion for People with Down Syndrome

Advocating for rights of People with Down Syndrome Tanzania

World Down Syndrome Day 2018 - TANZANIA

World Down Syndrome Day 2017 - TANZANIA

Understanding Down Syndrome: We are Differently Abled

Understanding Down Syndrome


The journey started in January 2019, by doing advocacy to various Government Ministries. One of which was the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children [MoHCDGEC] who we have a Memorandum of Understanding between us.

In October our efforts were joined by the DS Self Advocate from Uganda who together with the Tanzania’s Self Advocate, and parents visited several Government Ministries to explain more about the need for the Government to address the human rights needs of Down syndrome persons.

Then a Breakthrough! The MoHCDGEC through the Deputy Prime Minister, directed the Research Institution [National Institute for Medical Research - NIMR] to team up with PPDSF to conduct research on Situational Analysis of Down Syndrome Persons in Tanzania Mainland.

Our future plan is to also sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Education, Science & Technology [MoEST] to enable Down Syndrome people’s access Post Primary Education